Welcome to the world of functional fitness workouts using the kettlebell.

kettlebell drills
Tools of the trade
For years fitness buffs have known and used the kettlebell as a tool to build fitness, strength & conditioning, building muscle and for burning fat. 

Here are some of the other benefits that you can get if you start working out with this awesome fitness tool...

kettlebell drills for functional fitness
Functional fitness benefits
1. You will develop strong forearms and a powerful grip

Due to the thick handles of the kettlebell (as opposed to the standard barbell or dumbbell), you will find that your grip strength will gradually develop. This is great for everyday living (good grip strength helps to carry heavy objects) as well as for athletes and sportsmen (think gymnastics, badminton, tennis, rock climbing, wrestling, judo, jiu-jitsu, aikido etc).

2. You don't need much space

Working out with a kettlebell is very convenient as you do not need much space. You just need a bit of space to swing the kettlebell (without hitting any breakable objects or your neighbour's dog). The kettlebell is also not such a big tool so you can keep it in the corner of your room or underneath other equipment

3. Your cardio-respitory fitness will improve by leaps and bounds

The way you will work your body using a kettlebell will greatly enhance your cardio. Many workouts require you to lift the kettlebell overhead. This will engage the muscles responsible for assisting breathing process, which will definitely boost cardiovascular fitness.

4, Kettlebell workouts are quick

Once you start working out with a kettlebell and start doing the kettlebell drills presented in this blog, you will notice that these kettlebell drills do not take up much of your time. The most time that you need to allocate for kettlebell workouts would be around 30 minutes. Perfect for the busy professionals, students and working moms.

5. Boosting strength and cardio

This is the perfect workout tool to increase your strength and  also your fitness (cardio) at the same time.

kettlebell for strength and conditioning
Strength and conditioning
So over the next few weeks we will go through some of the best kettlebell drills, tips and nutritional ideas  to get you on your way to total fitness and build a strong, fit body.

Stick around!

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