Killer Kettlebell Drills for Strength & Conditioning

Killer Kettlebell Drills for Strength & Conditioning

kettlebell drills

Today's "workout of the day" will be focused on using kettlebell drills in the form of a complex. You will be doing several different kettlebell drills , one after the other, for several rounds. The focus is also on developing general strength and conditioning levels to enable us to perform better in our chosen sport (such as grappling, MMA, football, tennis, wall-climbing etc). Yes... the kettlebell is such a versatile tool and has so many benefits...

kettlebell drills
Kettlebells for a killer bod!
These are just some of the benefits of doing these kettlebell drills in the form of complexes:

1. Kettlebell complexes help you lose fat more efficiently- A quick burst then very short break, then you burst again (anaerobic intervals) are said to be one of the best ways to burn body fat.

2. Kettlebell complex workouts are fast and efficient - to get lean and burn more fat, the ideal training method will be to move faster with high intensity. You will get a great workout, burn fat and build lean muscle and be out of the gym (or finish your workout) quicker than conventional gym workouts.

3. Kettlebell drills done in the form of a complex do not need much space. You only require two kettlebells and a bit of mat space to swing the kettlebells around. Minimal space and equipment means you can do this at home. Super efficient!

So here's the workout:

Killer Kettlebell Drills for Strength & Conditioning

1. Double Kettlebell Clean and Press x5 

2.  Double Kettlebell Rows x8

3. Double Kettlebell Front Squats x8

4. Kettlebell Snatch (single arm) x5 each side

5. Hanging leg raises x8

Do exercises 1-5 one after the other with minimum rest, then take a two minute break. Repeat this for five total rounds. Make sure the kettlebells you use are heavy and challenging enough. Done with minimal breaks, this workout is sure to be a killer!

Once the workout gets too easy, add more reps to the complex. For example, do 8 reps of the clean and press. Then once you get stronger, make it 10 reps. Once you get to 10 reps in the following workout, bump up the weight. Do the same thing for the other exercises in the complex. In this way, you will gradually be building your strength, muscle and endurance.

Hopefully you will find that doing this killer kettlebell drills complex will help boost your strength and endurance. Now go swing!


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