Kettlebell Workouts to Burn Belly Fat

Kettlebell Workouts to Burn Belly Fat

Here's a quick one for the day. We all have that extra fat that is centered around our midsection. How we get rid of it is to exercise and control our diet. The exercise has to be intense. So this is where we are going to do Kettlebell Workouts to Burn Belly Fat.

There are a few free videos out there, but these are the best three I have found that will suit our goals, which is to burn belly fat using only the kettlebell as our workout equipment. These are also follow-along videos so it will be very convenient to do at home. Who needs to go to the gym, right?

Workout 1 - Kettlebell Ab Workout to Lose Belly Fat

Workout 2 - Calorie Incinerator HIIT Kettlebell Workout

Workout 3 - Kettlebell Metabolic Cicuit

These workouts were picked as I found them to be effective, easy to follow and were quick (all less than 20 minutes). So there's really no excuses that you can give to avoid working out!

burn belly fat
The pay-off
So go pick u your kettlebell, and do these as as a full workout for 6 weeks, working out 3 times a week (m, w, f) with one day rest in between. For example, for the first week, do Workout 1 on Day 1, Workout 2 on Day 2, and Workout 3 on Day 3 (you get the picture). Stick with this workout plan consistently and you will notice that nasty belly fat melt right off, and find yourself with a toned midsection and overall athletic physique.

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