Kettlebell Drills for Prenatal Women | Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell Drills for Prenatal Women

Wow. I am quite impressed and never imagined that this could be done... If you are a lady currently several months pregnant but still wish to workout and keep fit, you can actually try this kettlebell drill for prenatal women workout.

This prenatal kettlebell drill for women is a 20 minute workout which works the whole body. According to the kettlebell coach Amy, you can do this kettlebell workout in your 1st trimester all the way to the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. At the time of the video, Amy was already 8 months' pregnant! Awesome!


These kettlebell drills are sure to get your heart pumping and your muscles will be strengthened and toned.

Anyway - Ladies... train safe and consult your physician before undertaking any strenuous workouts.

Check out the video below, and follow along if you feel like a good workout using a kettlebell.

Kettlebell Drills for Prenatal Women

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