Kettlebell drills for a full body workout

Here is kettlebell drill no. 2, and one which I personally find myself doing consistently on a weekly basis.

This is a collection of kettlebell drills that will work the muscles of your entire body, and is also intense enough to have a metabolic fat burning effect. It gets your heart rate up and taxes your cardio-vascular endurance.

Full body kettle bell workout

Why it is a full body workout is because this is based on the five pillars of movement, namely push and pulls (both vertical and horizontal), thigh dominant level change, hip dominant level change and core movements (torso specific). In other words, you will be pushing, pulling, hip-hinging and working your core in one single workout. Note: Fitness guru Steve Maxwell was the person who named it the "five pillars system".

So here is the workout. You will need to kettlebells for this one.

Kettlebell Drill No. 2

1. Double military press x8-10
2. Weighted pullups x8-10
3.Alternating floor press x8-10
4. Double rows x8-10
5. Double front squat x10-12
6. Turkish get-ups (one kettlebell) x 3 each side

Do them in a circuit fashion, ie one after the other, then repeat another two times, for a full circuit of 3 sets.

You will notice that the whole body is involved in this workout, namely your arms, shoulders, back, chest, core, legs.


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