Kettlebell drill No. 1 snatch, swing and clean for fat loss and conditioning

Here is a very simple (but not easy) kettlebell drill that you can do in order to get truly awesome conditioning improvements, not to mention rapid fat loss. You only need one single kettlebell. Starting weight for guys would be a 16kg kettlebell and for ladies maybe about 10-12 kg.

The workout only consists of three kettlebell basic movements, the swing, the snatch and the clean. 

Make sure to do your warmups before beginning the actual kettlebell workout. It is proposed that you do a full body mobility exercise for at least 5 minutes. The idea is to get all the joints (neck, shoulders, trunk, hips, elbows, wrists, quads, back, hamstrings, calves, ankles etc) warmed up  so as to minimize injury.

Kettlebell drills drill no. 1

This is what you will be doing:

Kettlebell Drill No. 1

1. Snatch (left arm) x 10
2. Swing (left arm) x 10
3. Clean (left arm) x 10
4. Snatch (right arm) x 10
5. Swing (right arm) x 10
6. Clean (right arm) x 10

This will constitute one set.

After finishing all repetitions of one set, rest a minute and then proceed to do another two sets. 

You can finish up with some core work like hanging leg raises, abs bicycles and ab roller. Recommended sets and reps of 10 reps for one set each exercise.

Here are some sample mobility drill exercise that you can do before doing your kettlebell drills.

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