How to look badass like Batman | Kettlebell Workout

How to look badass like Batman

badass batman workoutBatman...The Dark Knight. Every fan will will appreciate that he is one of the most badass comic characters in the comics and movie world. And now we know that Bats is badass enough to even take on the most powerful dude out there, Superman! (Check out Batman vs Superman)

So wouldn't it be awesome if we could look (and feel)  badass like Batman? Well, yeah why not? Batman has boulder looking shoulders, a thick barrel chest, powerful arms, strong hands for grip, steady legs to jump and kick ass. 

On top of that Batman is fast, tough, agile. He also has a ton of stamina and has incredible strength & endurance. As we also have seen in the comics and the movies, Batman does not give up and always find a way out no matter the odds.

So as a tribute to the famous Dark Knight detective, here's a kettlebell based workout that will make your body look more powerful and athletic, and oh yes, badass like Batman!

Batman vs Superman kettlebell workout
Badass Batman looking to get some attention
The Badass Batman BVS Workout

We will be doing 7 moves, and they will be put together in a circuit. This time we will be using timed intervals, of 40 seconds on and 20 seconds rest. Do a total of three circuits. Rest 1-2 minutes in between each circuit.

You will be needing kettlebells, pull up bar, dumbbells, some chairs and bench (for the atlas pushups) and an interval timer.

This kettlebell workout will push your cardio and endurance to the limit. The quick timed intervals and the weight being pushed around will help to burn fat and show off the ripped muscular effect.

The moves:

1. Kettlebell floor press

2. Renegade row 

You can use dubbells for this one, or if you can keep your balance, kettlebells would be better.
3. Weighted chin ups

Hold a dumbbell between your legs and pull yourself up the bar, using palms-up.

4. Goblet squat

You may need 3 chairs, or 3 benches, or you could use a chair and two dumbells (hands on the dumbbells, feet in chair or bench).

6. Kettlebell windmill

7. Hanging leg raises (toes to bar)

Once you complete all the circuits, do a bar dead hang for one minute as a finisher. This one will really work your grip.

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