How to Get A Workout That is Quick and Cheap Using Kettlebells

Hey fitness buffs! I just wanted to share how you can get your workouts to the next level by simply adding kettlebells into the mix.
cheap quick kettlebell workouts

Kettebells are are great exercise tool as they combine strength and cardiovascular fitness training into one functional workout. On top of that, you will be improving grip strength, hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular/muscle endurance. Also, most kettlebell exercises are compound moves (using more than one muscle) and truly work your full body.

Experts have widely agreed that working out using the kettlebell are awesome for practitioners of martial arts such as judo, jiu-jitsu (BJJ), mixed martial arts (MMA), marathon runners and other athletes who rely on speed, power, endurance etc... The workouts are considered functional since they tend to have a "carry over" effect to the particular sport the athlete is playing. So kettlebell training really gives you a great overall workout.

mma fighters kettlebell
MMA fighters doing kettlebell workouts
Another good thing about kettlebell training is that most of the workouts can be made to be quick. You can get a solid workout in a 15-30 minute duration. So being "too busy" to exercise is no longer an excuse. Busy professional like doctors, lawyers, accountants, managers and even home-makers can enjoy the benefits of a quick (but tough) kettlebell workout.

So to sum up, these are some of the main benefits of kettlebell workouts:

1. Provides a boost to the cardiovascular system
2. Improvement of hand-eye coordination
3. Workouts are short
4. Burns fat
5. Builds lean muscle
6. Can work out at home, thus no gym membership is needed (saves money)
7. You only need one, preferably two kettlebells, to get a total body workout (less equipment = cheap workout)
8. You will not get bored, since there are countless exercises that can be done with kettlebells
kettlebells and kettlebell drills
Get fit by doing just Kettlebell Drills and Workouts
Here are some great kettlebell workouts that you can check out:

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