How to Do The Kettlebell Man-Maker Workout Like A Boss

burn fat with kettlebell man-maker workout
This a a great kettlebell workout that will make a man out of you!

It's called the "kettlebell man-maker workout", but unlike the version made famous by Steve Maxwell and Keith Weber, we will be doing the man-maker workout a bit differently.

This workout will use two kettlebells for most of the exercises, and doing the workout will definitely push your cardio and endurance to the max. Double kettlebell work will also give you a good return of strength and muscle building. The metabolic nature of the combination of exercises in this man-maker workout will help burn fat too.

So with so many benefits to doing this  workout, there is no reason we should not run this workout once or twice a week.

These are the kettlebell exercises what you will be doing:

double kettlebell drills
Double kettlebell workouts are beastly

Kettlebell Man-Maker Workout

Note: You will need to kettlebells (of challenging weight)


1. Thrusters x 10

3. Front Squats x10

4. Windmills x5 each side

5. Snatches or swings x 10

One round of the 5 exercises and your whole body might be toast! But if you still have some gas left, do the whole thing one more time.

Alternative 1 you could do the whole workout with fewer reps each (6-8), and then go 3-4 rounds with 2 minute breaks in between each round.

Alternative 2 you can do the whole round as many times as you can within a certain amount of time, edt style. Say between 15 -  20 minutes. Then count how many total reps you managed to get. The next time, try to increase the reps.

As usual, finish off with some core/abs work - hanging leg raises, ab rollouts etc.

Done regularly, this kettlebell man-maker workout will surely give you a good, strong, athletic look.

Kettlebell drills give you an athletic build
Get an athletic built from doing kettlebell workouts
By the way, even though this is called the "man-maker" workout, ladies can do it too!

Some extra info about some of the kettlebell exercises

1. Kettlebell thruster demo:

2. Kettlebell windmill demo

3. Learn the basic kettlebell exercises here.

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