5 Kettlebell Moves To Make You Look Like a Superhero

5 Kettlebell Moves to Make You Look Like a Superhero

build a superhero body

Everybody wants to look like they are as fit as a superhero right? Think Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Chris Evans (Captain America), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) etc...

These guys look like they are physically fit to jump, kick, punch, move powerfully and are very agile, unlike the usual bulky bodybuilder's physique. So how do we build a superhero body?

kettlebell workout superhero body
Kettlebell Workout Superhero Body!

Well here are some great moves that you can do with kettlebells that will help you reach that goal. All done with heavy double kettlebells.

The 5 Kettlebell Moves

1. Kettlebell floor press - a superb exercise for the triceps, chest and deltoids

2. Kettlebell renegade rows - works the back pulling muscles as well as core stability (think doing a usual plank but with more bite!)
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3. Kettlebell front squats - great for building strong legs

4. Kettlell Turkish Get-Ups - perfect for whole body strength and core activation

5. Kettlebell snatches - one of the best exercises for the total body, great for building explosive power and speed

You will notice that all these moves forces you to use the whole body. It works almost all the muscles in your body, and covers the pushing, pulling, hip hinge and core, all essentials for the human body movement.

Now we will put all these moves in a double kettlebell complex. Doing kettlebell drills this way your body will build muscle (due to the double kettlebells) and burn fat at the same time, and you will also get an awesome metabolic cardio workout as well.

Here's how we do the kettlebell drills:

Kettlebell Superhero Complex (Kettlebell Drill No. 3)

Set the timer for 20 minutes, and do each move EMOM style (every minute on the minute). This ensures that you are constantly moving and not take too much rest in between.

1. Floor press x10

2. Renegade rows x10

3. Front squat x 10 (on 1-2-3 count, ie squat down, hold for 2 seconds then come back up)

4. Turkish Get-Ups x1 each side

5. Snatches x 6

You will end up doing four rounds.

As a finisher, you can do kettlebell farmer holds for one minute to build a powerful superhero grip. Basically you pick two heavy kettlebells on each hand and hold them for one minute.

Go work out!

Do these kettlebell drills as part of your weekly workouts (three times a week) and you will look like a powerful superhero in no time!

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