5 kettlebell moves for a strong body

This is another kettlebell workout that you can incorporate into your weekly routine in order to build a fit, strong body. This is kettlebell drill no. 4 which again will focus on the whole body, targeting the five planes of movement.

Most of the drills will require two kettlebells. I personally find that using two kettlebells really make you work extra hard and after a couple of rounds, your arms and shoulders will be toast!

Here are the 5 moves that we will be using for this workout:

1. Double clean and press. We do this for 8 reps

2. Double front squat, done for 12 reps

3. Alternating bent over rows, 10 reps each side

4. Windmill 3 times each side

5. Double swing x 10 reps

This is to be done EMOM style, or every minute on the minute. Set a time for say, 20 minutes. For example, you do 8 clean and presses in the first minute. You should be able to complete in about 30 seconds. Take the rest of the minute to rest and then go again (next exercise on the list) once the 2nd minute starts.

You can take a short 1 minute break in between rounds. Meaning, do all the 5 exercises one after the other without taking a break. Once you complete all 5 exercises, rest for a minute and then start the next round of 5 exercises. Continue this until your set time is up.

Do this workout regularly and you will find that your strength, muscular endurance, stamina, explosiveness, toughness and grips will improve tremendously. You will also burn fat and end up with a more powerful, athletic looking build.

So don't wait, go train!

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